phpNights Framework

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The phpNights Framework is a custom PHP website framework. It's intended goal is to provide a templated MVC framework for websites.

The framework does not provide the vast array of usability and convenience functions other 3rd party frameworks might. Due to the smaller development team and current requirements of the framework.

Game Watch

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As an avid gamer it's always interesting to know how much time one plays a game for. If the advertised 40 hours of game play is really how long it takes to get though, and if a sequel takes more or less time then it's predecessor.

Game Watch was designed to automatically calculate the time a process is run for therefore recording game sessions and providing statistical information on an individual users game times.

FastCGI Library

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Web based application user interfaces are a popular solution to providing a user friendly interface for applications. Utilizing the abilities of HTML and CSS help to make the user interface as simple but as powerful as possible.

FastCGI is a technology used to provide web server to application communication. Often used for PHP so that page requests can be sent to the PHP application and the parsed output can be returned to the server. 

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Dungeons Archive is a fan site for the game Dungeons , a strategy/simulation video game developed by Realmforge Studios.

The game gives players control of a Dungeon Lord, whereby they create and rule a dungeon to harvest the soul energy from would be heroes.

Dungeons included a powerful modding interface using Lua and C# which provided the focus for Dungeons Archive. Intended to be a home for mods or maps that would be created by the community alongside a online leader board which was given post game statistics by a leader board mod.

EVE-Myst is a website for the Mystification Corporation within EVE-Online, a space MMORPG game by CPP.

The site provides basic information about the corporation for recruitment and informational purposes along site corporation management tools and game tools.

Mega-lo-Mania JS Clone 


Mega-lo-Mania is a real-time strategy game originally released in 1991 developed by the now defunct software company Sensible Software . 

rig factory

Factory view appears broken.

Sarah Katz Portfolio 

sarah katz portfolio

Site seems broken at the moment requires review. 

nrc training

Content coming soon.

No Comply Records e-Commerce 

no comply records e-commerce

Nocomply Records is an ecommerce website created for a online music store of the same name.

The site was created entirely from the ground up to encompass everything that would be required and expected from an ecommerce website. All aspects of the site was done in collaboration with the store owner.

Microsoft Exchange 2003 Mailbox Backup

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Designed and implemented a Microsoft Exchange Mailbox backup solution which integrates with the core product.

The solution had to utilize the protocol for specific areas of the core product to provide seamless consistency between components.


Product Extension Packages

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Designed and implemented a solution to apply product extension packages to the core product. This required installation and uninstallation of pre-created packages.

The initial solution was a command line tool, but the implementation had to support use within a GUI.


  • C++
  • QT and Boost libraries
  • Stream process communication
  • XML handling
  • Cross platform implementation